Interior desing for private houses

The construction or renovation of a country house is a complex andexciting project, where the unity of architecture, surrounding landscape, and interior plays the key role. Countryhousedecoratingisnearlyimpossiblewithoutadesignproject, asitcombinesfutureplanning, engineering and electric utility lines, as well as stylistic solutions. The Visualist team has extensive experience in creating and implementing design projects for private houses. We also specialise in woodenhomes – the most complicated in terms of design, as well as country and townhouses, using different techniques.

When working on the interior of a country house, it is essential to consider all of the construction features, sync our design and engineering utility lines, take into the account the techniques used to build the house, as well as various other factors. That’s why we try to start work ingon the interior at the very stage of designing the house. If your home is already built and requires renovation, we will strive to achieve maximum synergy between our design and existing architecture.

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