Interior design for appartments

We believe that every flat, regardless of its size and budget, can be beautiful and comfortable. When working on the flat’s interior, we prioritise the individual requirements of each customer, as well as international interior design standards. Working as a team allows us to create projects in any artistic style unless it contradicts the ...


Interior desing for private houses

The construction or renovation of a country house is a complex andexciting project, where the unity of architecture, surrounding landscape, and interior plays the key role. Countryhousedecoratingisnearlyimpossiblewithoutadesignproject, asitcombinesfutureplanning, engineering and electric utility lines, as well as stylistic solutions. The Visualist ...


Interior design for public spaces

We value the importance of good interior for business, and we are confident that the right interior will make your business more profitable.The Visualist team will be happy to develop an architecture or interior design project for your hotel, restaurant or office.

Our team is based in SaintPetersburg, Russia, allowing us to significantly reduce ...