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Stage 1: Terms of Reference


More often than not, the terms of reference of a design project are drafted upon meeting the client for the first time. It’s up to you to choose a convenient way of communication: Skype, WhatsApp, or anything else. Send us an email and we can start chatting about your wish list, budget, timeline and any other impotrant details of your project. If you have decided to hire The Visualist, we will come to your city to meet you at the site and take all the necessary measurements.

Please provide us with following information:

- provide examples of interiors you are fond of, let us know what you do and do not like.

- tell us a little about yourself. In fact, the more, the better. Nothing is insignificant when it comes to the interior: tell us, who is going to live there, what needs, habits and hobbies they have. This information will aid us in creating a truly comfortable and personalised space for you.

- announce the budget you are planning to spend on decorating and furnishing your flat. This will allow us to create a project that can be easily implemented, and not shelved indefinitely.


Stage 2: Planning.

Interior comfort and ergonomics begin with space planning. Based on the terms of reference, we will develop several space planning options for you. All you have to do is choose the one you prefer!


Stage 3: Visualisation. 

After confirming the layout, The Visualist experts begin working on interior visualisation. We know that teamwork always gives best results; therefore, several designers will work on your project, together with the head of the bureau. However, you are the most important member of our team, so at the beginning of the visualisation stage, you will get to see the first sketches of the main rooms. Discussing these initial sketches will help us get to know you better and adjust the course of work on the rest of your flat or house.

Important: we understand that creating an interior is a dynamic process, with new ideas constantly appearing, that’s why there’s no limit to the number of adjustments you can make!


Stage 4: Working drawings.

Once all visualisations are confirmed, we proceed to create working drawings. Preparing the drawings for construction workers to use is a very important and large-scale activity, which will allow us to avoid critical mistakes upon the implementation of the design project.

A working drawing is created to provide details that are not obvious in visual presentations, such as:


-  a sufficient number of outlets and switches, their convenient placement;

-  adequate lighting, light fittings and fixtures, lighting scenarios;

- junctions between various types of decoration and architectural elements (junctures, level, etc.);

-  correct furniture and equipment dimensions;

-  calculations of the trajectory of door opening (interior, furniture, kitchen, household appliances, etc.);

- exact locations of utility outlets and appliance fittings;

- the exact amount of decoration materials required;


Once you receive our project album with a set of working drawings, you can successfully and quickly decorate your home together with your contractor.


Stage 5: Decoration


Even the most detailed project won’t prevent the questions and unforeseen circumstances arising in the process. Home decoration is a dynamic cycle, during which new details appear and great ideas are born. It is for this that we love home makeovers, and each time we are looking forward to starting it!


You can order designer supervision at The Visualist, with the work performed by your contractors.


Stage 6: Furnishing


We will gladly help you furnish your home with furniture and decor items in accordance with the design project while saving your budget with the discounts from our suppliers. The Visualist’s designers regularly attend international interior exhibitions, to find the most lucrative offers for you on the decoration materials, furniture and home accessories market.

We have a creative approach to the process of decorating, giving new life to your favourite items to create a truly personal space with a unique character.

design of apartments
1. Show us what you like! It could be just a few pictures from a magazine or internet.
design of apartments
3. You can be sure that we use decoration materials and furniture which you will easely find.
design of apartments