About us

About Us

The Visualist’s approach is based on our aspiration to create personalised interiors that meet modern international standards.

It is extremely important for us to understand customer’s individuality, their needs and tastes, in order to make the interior not only beautiful but also as comfortable as possible for the given family. It is equally as important for us to create cosmopolitan interiors, fitting the world trends in design. Interiors, free from rigid frames, patterns, stereotypes, and remnants of the past.

We are too fond of design in all its manifestations to work within one particular style, so the projects that are a part of our portfolio are polar different: from traditional to modern. We also like to expand our borders by mixing various styles and epochs to get a unique interior, expressing its owner’s character.

The Visualist team consists of a variety of experts, whose experience and skills complement each other and help us exceed the expectations of each client. We are not ashamed to be a young team, and we are proud to complete each new project a little bit better than the previous one. And, of course, we reserve the right to refuse to work on the project, in case it contradicts our aesthetic standards.

Olesia Tishenko, founder

Our Mission

We help our clients in bringing their dream interior to life.The interior that doesn’t not only make an impression but also makes people happy.

We love creating premium interiors, but at the same time, we believe that every home, regardless of its interior design budget and geographical area, can and should be beautiful and comfortable.

We know for sure that a good interior motivate seach of us to develop and improve ourselves, it makes people happier, and it will surely change the world for the better!


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